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Danielson, Stanton UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine at Altoona (515)967-0133(515)967-7578 
Daugherty, McKinna Altoona Christian Church (515)967-4382(515)967-5112 
Daugherty, McKinna Leaps & Sounds School of Music (913)579-2293 
Davidson, Jessica Vintage Cooperatives (515)279-3000 
Davis, Brian US Bank (515)967-8181(515)967-3785 
Davis, Carla Carla R. Davis (515)306-4037 
Davis, Jeff U.S. Cellular (515)957-0862(515)957-8007 
Dawson, Marcus Dawson Chiropractic (515)967-3007(515)967-8470 
DeReus, Rod Bass Pro Shops (515)957-5500(515)957-5536 
Dejong, Jill Altoona Veterinary Hospital, P.C. (515)265-4239(515)967-8824 
Denner, Keith Altoona Towers (515)967-5555(515)967-4924 
Densmore, Mark Densmore Insurance Strategies (515)967-3390(515)468-2252 
Deo ARNP, Susie Radiant Complexions Dermatology Clinic (515)380-7348(515)303-2289 
Determan, Barry Turner Construction Co (816)215-0576 
Dettmering, Lacey Inside Out Chiropractic (515)967-5102 
Dickerson, George Dickerson Mechanical, Inc. (515)674-3636(515)674-4338 
Dickerson, Kathy Dickerson Mechanical, Inc. (515)674-3636(515)674-4338 
Dickey, Pat Pat Barton School of Dance (515)967-3454(515)967-8056 
Dickinson, Greg Merchants Distribution Service (515)967-1402(515)967-2561 
Dickinson, Jeff Reppert Rigging & Hauling (515)274-3878(515)967-2561 
Dickinson, Merlene Merchants Distribution Service (515)967-1402(515)967-2561 
Didlo, Tony Cornerstone Baptist Church (515)975-6130 
Dingman, Alex Phillips Stafford Insurance Group (515)978-9138(515)978-9006 
Dontje, Stephanie Century 21 Signature Real Estate (515)963-1040(515)965-2495 
Doyle, Aubrie RE/MAX Precision Geri Doyle (641)521-5678 
Doyle, Geri RE/MAX Precision Geri Doyle (641)521-5678 
Duer, Kirk The Duerson Corporation (515)202-7291(515)967-8305 
Duer, Lori The Duerson Corporation (515)967-8300(515)967-8305 
Duncan, Mary Ann International Resources (515)967-0427(515)967-0827 
Duncan, Roger International Resources (515)210-7073(515)967-0827 
Dunn, Debbie Altoona Subway/Adventureland Dr (515)967-0380(515)967-0380 
Dunwoody, Josh Tactical Advantage Business Solutions (515)720-8891 

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